A Whale and a Sunset


About a year ago I was feeling lonely and wanted to get out to the beach to watch the sunset. It was early spring, and it was drizzling, cold, windy and dark. I still felt that I had to see the ocean and breathe in some fresh air. Despite the rain, I drove to Half Moon Bay beach. There were only 5 people at the beach, including me. The rain stopped but the clouds were still covering the sky and I was thinking I won’t be able to see a sunset. I sat down on the sand, just staring at the ocean and waves. The primal energy of the ocean is so empowering, it wipes away all tension, gives me a new perspective and calms me down. So I just sat and listened to the sound of crashing waves and the silence in between them.

In about ten minutes clouds began to slowly clear up and the sun was about to descend down the horizon. The sky suddenly became more bright, with the presence of orange, red, golden and purple colors. Magnificent sunset was wrapping around the space behind the ocean’s horizon. And all of a sudden a whale showed up very close to the beach. It was marvelous! Spontaneous and unexpected miracle.

Whales are Earth’s record keepers. Whales are messengers of Truth. They teach us to listen to our inner voice, to examine our current emotions and path, to trust the process and to connect with Higher Wisdom. That moment I did not feel alone anymore. The whale let me realize I am a part of Nature, a part of every single wave, a part of every single grain of sand, and that I am never alone. I am a part of this Creation, connected heart to heart to everyone and everything even without the physical presence of people and things. The whale delivered a message that I have to move forward and to trust my journey.

It was a grey whale, as I learned later by being able to capture him spouting in a heart shape fountain. It was really a miracle. Healing, reaffirming, exciting and loving presence of the greatest of species welcomed me back home to me.

This moment inspired my new work “A Whale and a Sunset” 30” x 40”.

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