Ecstatic Dance


I decided to try “ecstatic dance” class for the first time here in Bay Area last month. What a liberating experience! No shoes, no talking. Just music and energy. You can be totally in your own space, dance however you want with respect to others of course. There are no rules. There are no perfumes, no alcohol, no drugs. It’s a safe place to express your emotions, feelings, anything that has been stored up. Dancing in comfortable clothes, barefoot, and just immersing into the vibration of music. If suddenly you feeling the energy of someone else just by making eye contact you can connect in the most beautiful way with a stranger without the talking, the asking what you do for a living, and not even knowing the name. Sometimes a speedy rollercoaster of emotions in the room caused by tribal beats, energetic music, then heartfelt and slow, enchanting tones can help in facilitating healing on so many levels. Releasing and celebrating, being vulnerable and open. The Unity, the Oneness with your own emotions, feelings and everyone else. This painting was created right after I attended the class and felt drawn to express myself.

“Ecstatic Dance”, 30” x 48”, Acrylic on canvas.

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