Surfing and Art

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Surfing is discipline. Surfing is play. Surfing is awareness. Being in the ocean, learning how to paddle out, getting up on the board, riding and reading the waves has been one of my most transforming experiences lately. Every surf session is never the same. Sometimes the waves are bigger than I am ready for. Other times, I am not at my best even with smallest waves. Ocean conditions change every wave at a time. It is never the same. Surfing teaches me patience, persistence, and most of all trust. Ocean is always at win - we can’t control it. The only thing I can do is to relax, let go and be aware. To ride the wave is to be fully present. No other thoughts about past or future can co-exist in the moment of catching the wave. The feeling of riding the wave is a liberation from all the conditioning for me. Waves carry wisdom. Wisdom of going with the flow and being in the moment. My art is similar to surfing. I do not plan what I will paint. Instead, I dive into the colors as I would dive into the ocean and merge with it. I merge in the process of painting. I do not know what will come out of painting, similar to I do not know if I will actually catch a wave and ride it. I can estimate, try to “read” the wave but then its up to the ocean and me working together to have a fantastic journey. In the process of painting, I am first drawn to certain colors, and I begin to apply them. As waves are coming in sets and some sets are unpredictable, either big or small, so is every art piece is unpredictable, unplanned - and that is what gives me joy and sense of mystery. And if I catch a wave and ride, the joy is multiplied, so is with art- when I see the final result - it usually gives me feeling of newness and happiness. Ocean gives me energy, clarity and calmness. Making art does the same for me. One brush stroke at a time, not expecting the outcome, but instead being playful with the shapes, colors and textures, same as being playful and trusting the ocean to have the most joy out of each session.

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